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City Life 2008 3.0

City Life lets you create your own cities in a 3D environment
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In 2006, the French developing company, Monte Cristo, released the original City Life. This game was a great city-building game that ended up taking over some Sim City fans. The game lets you build your cities in a real 3D environment, so you can really go at street level to see how your creation is going. One of the main additions to a game of this type, was the introduction of socioeconomic classes. The classes are: Elites, Suits, Blue Collars, Have-Nots, Fringes, and Radical Chics. Now, each of these classes tolerates two others, but dislikes 3 other classes. This is important to consider when building neighborhoods and industries. For example, Elites want quiet neighborhoods and dislike the Have-Nots, if a have-not neighborhood happens to be close to one of theirs things could get nasty. This circle of socioeconomic classes are the base for your city building. The 2008 edition includes 60 more buildings, new maps and a tool to import satellite maps to start building your own cities. However if you already own City Life, the 2008 version is not worth your money for the extra buildings. But if you are new to the series, this is the version you must get. You can get this game at Steam, Monte Cristo's official store.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great 3D view of your cities
  • Complex socio-economic environment


  • The 2008 Edition doesn't really have that much new content
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